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For you to access the services offered by the Quick Tax system, you must first go through a few simple steps signing up, and then you’re good to go. You must click on the register button, then select your ID type. Use a valid ID number, then select the free charges option provided. You should fill in your correct personal details, then create a personal account with us. After this short process, you can file your tax return and submit the online form. Ensure that you save the number on the document that we will send you.
Here are some of the tax returns you can file with Quick Tax.

Wage Earner Returns

After you log in to your account, click the wage journal button to go to the I want to menu, which allows you to access the form for filling information. After this, you should go to the file your wage form, enter the details then check payment to make an electronic due payment. Confirm your payment details, then submit and make sure you save that payment confirmation number that you will receive later.

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Quick tax services

Business License Applications

You can file your annual business licenses on Quick Tax. You just need to log in then click on the business account to enter some required details then follow a simple process to submit the form. After receiving the confirmation page, save the confirmation number to your records. We only send it once per payment. You can have a notebook to keep your details and the confirmation numbers for future reference.

Payments on Quick Tax

You can easily make electronic check payments using the Quick Tax system . Log in, then click on the account you wish to make payments for, then later save the confirmation number for your records. Filing for your payments on Quick Tax is that fast and easy. You can also request for a payment plan on the Quick Tax platform within six monthly installments. Once they approve your request, you must accept the payment plan terms within five days. They will make the reimbursements according to the payment plan from your bank account.

Tax Clearance Letter

First, log in, then click on request tax clearance. You can send this information to a third party by just clicking the button. You can also forward this tax clearance letter to your employer or any relevant department. After the process is complete, save the confirmation number, then wait for an email once they approve your request.

Applying for the Tax File Number

All Australian residents can apply for the TFN online. The form is usually available for filing through the online platform, and it is possible in Quick Tax. You just need to log in to the system using the details you provided and fill in the form. The process available on the Quick Tax system is efficient, fast, and secure.

Third-party Prepares on Quick Tax

Tax preparers can quickly pay and file for government taxes for their clients using Quick Tax. Your clients just have to get their businesses registered. You can then sign up in the Quick Tax system, access the customer’s account, and file for the taxes. You can select the bulk upload option, which saves your money other than the quarterly and annual filing returns, which could add extra accounting costs for your company or individuals.

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